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  • Going to work is a breeze when working with a product that brings joy and happiness to the world while working with dedicated talented people. Which the product does and the people are. Now queue dance!

    Joakim Jäderberg

    Full stack developer

  • Starmony is fantastic. We build a product anyone can stand behind which is both fun, enabling and disrupting the industry (in a good way). The amount of knowledge within the tech team, parred with prestigelessness and humbleness on a scale previously unheard of makes this an amazing place to work. Music people are also generally more fun. Come join us!

    Douglas Isaksson

    Backend Developer

  • There's no I in TEAM!

    Linus Flood


  • To work on and promote such an amazing product AND be surrounded by talented, amazing, fun, and kind people... Well, that's the dream.

    Natasha Kurnia

    Community Manager

  • What brought me here was great people, a great cause, and innovative technology that solves the challenge of music creation for the masses. What keeps me at Starmony are the diverse challenges we face that lets me learn new things and grow every day, wether it being analyzing user behavior or diving into music theory.

    Kevin Vesterlund

    Head of Product


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